You will always find the shop well stocked with the freshest bait possible and
we have pledged to NEVER run out of bait for our customers.
During the winter months our bait deliveries arrive on Fridays.
From April to October we get our bait on Tuesdays and Thursdays


We are happy to place special orders for large quantities of bait, please contact us for availability


Sandworms Bloodworms Squid
Herring Mackerel Eels
Clams Bunker Sand eels
Trout worms Crawlers Dillies


Shiners Special Order Large Quantity
Small $3.25 dozen 1 lb $22
Medium $4.25 dozen 1 lb $22
Heavy Medium $6 dozen 1 lb $22
Large $8 dozen 1 lb $22
Pike Bait $12dozen
Suckers Call for pricing
Eels $1.75 each Call for pricing
Crayfish $.65 each

Ice fishing
Contact us in advance for bulk purchases.

Jigging baits Special Order Large Quantity
Mousies 50 $3.00 Call for
Call for pricing
Meal worms 30 $3.00 Call for pricing
Wax worms 36 $3.00 Call for pricing
White or Pink
100 $3.00 1000 pack $15 Call for pricing