fishin report for Friday, October 11, 2013


Largemouth Bass: Fair to good, Big Matt fished Chapmans Pond and had a ton of explosive hits on his frog but no takers, Matt ended up with a decent SMB for his efforts but even seeing the frog getting smashed is exciting! Don’t put away your top water lures yet! The Bass should  really turn on right about now, before winter but the shorter days make it tough for some to get much time on the water and less reports come in but the fishing is good this time this time of year and a good chance of finding your lunker.

Candlewood was good in the last week with some bigger LMB’s in the mix 4-6lbs.  A 5.9 lb Big Mouth was caught by 2 young men fishing at Day Pond with shiners under a float. Lakes we had feedback from with decent catches were Bantam, Silver, Babcock Pond, Pickeral Lake, Halls Pond, Lake of Isles, Alexander Lake , Bishops Swamp and Savin Pond.

SMB: Fair to good at Candlewood, Shenipset, and Gardner Lake where  Frank R. and Doug from Salem banged  14 Smallmouths  during the big wind on 10/8/ in just over an hour, they wanted to keep the baits and local to themselves but they did say several of the fish were close to 3 lbs. Typically Fall is a great time for Smallmouth Bass! Still great SMB fishing in the Rivers for those who want to give it a try, The “Hitman” landed several SMB’s in the outflow of the Willimantic Reservoir below the Dam, on a Pumpkin color tube jig.

Catfish: Very good at Mohegan Park Pond according to Justin who fishes there 3 or 4 times a week, using night crawlers that he soaks overnight in a bowl of milk his biggest Channel Cat was guessed to be 5 lbs. On a good day he lands 4 to 8 Catfish.

Pike: Pike fishing is really good at  Lake Lillinonah, Pachaug and Bantam were good,Winchester was reported as slow, no reports from Mansfiled Hollow. Pike fishing will get better in the next few weeks but is good to very good right now.

Trout and Salmon: Justin from Norwich has now caught 3 Salmon in the Shetucket River he say’s the water flow has to be just right, remember the flow in the Shetucket is regulated and goes up or down rapidly and without warning.

Rivers and Streams are flowing at their usual October levels and some are full of freshly stocked Trout making Fall Trout fishing Good right now, We had some good feedback from a Father son team that had a ball fishing Trout and Smallmouth Bass on the Housatonic River. The Farmington River has been providing good action as well.

Black Crappie: A nice bucket of Calico’s was caught right from the landing area at Lake of Isles, by a couple of guy’s we know.  The best fishing for Black Crappies is right in the back of Wethersfield Cove just down the road from our shop, if you haven’t sampled the Fall Crappie action in the Cove stop in the shop for all the info and bait you need!

CT River: Pike Fishing very good in the lower stretches around Haddam, Chapmans Pond, Salmon Cove and at the junction of the Salmon and Connecticut Rivers

LMB: Largemouth fishing was rated as Good up and down the river in the last week, two anglers bagged their limits jigging around the pilings at the Haddam Bridge they were smaller fish but the action was good on the outgoing tide.

Small Mouth Bass: Good to very good in the stretches above Hartford and some decent fish caught as far down as Chapmans Pond, Keitech Jigs are still killing it, stop in the shop and see our selection of colors and sizes.

Carp: Carp will feed heavy this time of year but we haven’t had anything to report in the last week, guys are going so we assume they are catching. Stop in  the store to see our European Carp fishing supplies and expert Carp fishing advice.

Catfishing: Excellent for Channel Cats up and down the River cut bait has been scoring some big fish in the Rocky Hill area in the last few days.



Blackfish: It’s open as if the 10th of Oct.

And we already had reports of some catches! Off of Groton, Clinton, Waterford areas, we have crabs and Blackfish jigs in stock! The wind kept alot of boats from getting out so far we heard there was a lot of shorts and a few keepers mixed in, this weekend should be Good.

Bluefish: Bluefish the Gators are here, slamming schools of bait all along the Coastline but it still can be hit or miss depending where the bait is on 10/10 we talked to a couple of guy’s who had trouble finding bluefish anywhere.

Fluke: The word has it that some Fluke come in close this time of the year and the diehards who wont quit till the season ends are still taking home some Fatties!

Stripers: Good fishing right now! A 47.25lb Cow hit the scales in Waterford on 10/10 all the usual spots the Race, race Rock The Gut and Sluiceway, Bartlets, Cornfiled Point, around Fort Trumble and the mouth of the Thames and CT. Rivers where schools of Bunker are staging for migration, big Blues invade these same areas, Live Bunker and Live Eels are killing it.

Sea Bass: Head to the “Block” for good action

Porgies: Still everywhere and running big this is the peak of the season so go get some fillets for the freezer.

It appears the Sandworm supply is easing up a little and supplies/availability is good again

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