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The fourth of July Holiday weekend always provides a few challenges mixed in with plenty of opportunity!  This year is shaping up to be no different. There is an Atlantic storm system down in the Carolinas that should only bring us wind and chop, but no rain. Looks like its gonna be a great fishing weekend!

Inland fishing has been good to excellent for LMB, Pike, and smallies all along the central waterways of CT. Black Pond, Moodus, Lower Bolton, Lake Coventry, and Mansfield all giving up great LMB’s.  Trout fishing has been good in the Farmington below the first dam/Riverton, and below the Collinsville dam section.  Live bait including medium Arkansas Shiners, and Lively Canadian Night Crawlers always do the trick.  Olive Wooly Buggers and Blue Wing Olive flys have taken many trophies as well in the last week.

The Salmon river has been fishing very well for most with huge beautiful Browns and Bows in the mix.

There is a shortage in Arkansas of bigger baits. The larget shiners coming out of the swamps of Arkansas are “Medium” Grade. No larger sizes exist.

Catfishing has been heating up in Wethersfield cove, and in Black Pond in Meriden.  Remember cats eat best at night, so plan an overnighter for best success.

Carping in Central CT took a long while to get started this season, mostly due to water temps.  At this point, Carp fishing is excellent with many of our customers beating their PB’s for Carp. The store is freshly loaded with the brand new flavors of K-1 Carp baits.

Crappie fishermen have been very pleased with the haul of Dinner plate sized Crappies. Maribou crappie jigs tipped with the smallest pinhead shiner will be your winning presentation. These delectable filets cook very quickly in browned butter and only need a small squirt of lemon and salt! Try Lake Macdonough,  or Mansfield hollow for huge crappie.

Long Island Sound Live Bait: EELS are in great supply and very healthy & Active!  The Sitch in Maine for Sandworm digging is hurting. The worms are mostly small which is a huge deficit considering how excellent they were last week… SO getting a dozen sandworms to catch Porgy for bass is far preferable than trying to get a striper on one of this weeks sandworms. UPDATE: THURSDAY SANDWORM DELIVERY WAS MUCH IMPROVED FROM TWO DAYS AGO, SO WE HAVE A GOOD SUPPLY OF NICE WORMS FOR THE WEEKEND.

Stripers have been getting caught this season on huge local squid in big numbers.  And the fluke fishing, when and where its great, is mostly on these massive local squid we’ve got in the freezer.  Here is sully with a bruiser he and his dad got on live eels from CTO!


The bunker supply in LIS is great again this season and snagging or netting yourself enough bait is worth the effort.

Hickory shad are in the mix already! These big profile baits are renowned for getting lock-jaw stripers to bite. Catch them with small Kastmasters and Sabiki rigs in the early morning hours before dawn breaks full.

So live lining live bait, or adding a sinker for 3-way presentation seems to be the ticket. Slinging Eels after dark is also a great live bait technique getting some action this season.

The tube and Worm crowd, as always, report their share of trolling success for striped bass in LIS, and the4 Mouth of the Thames in Norwich.  There is a ton of bunker there too.

Fluking is going alright for many anglers this season with a better than last year ratio of shorts to keepers with many of the bigger flats coming on big local squid.  There will always be a mix of Spiny Dogfish in the mix as well.

Black seabass population is on the rise, and the catching has been great. Use Squids or smelts on vertical Jigs for big bruiser Seabass.

Not hearing of anyone Blackfishing much.

The Blue Crab Population just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year and this season is no exception. Expect Huge takes of Blue Crabs all summer long!


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CTO Fishin Report for June 1

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This week saw spring temperatures finally here, and its almost summer…..  CT River running at just above normal height with water temperatures in the mid 60′s.

Many CT River anglers having good successes with Stripers in the very wee early hours of the day with big wooden plugs, like Lloyds or Gibbs on top. Yellow/red or white/pink seem to be great colors before the sun actually hits the water.

The sandworm and chunking crowd continue to have stripers on the hook in the usual places like east Hartford, Cromwell point, Glastonbury ferry, and the mouth of Wethersfield cove.  Even with their high price, bloodworms are very popular as a river bait this year, more so than in years past.

With Spring so late, and temperatures still very well below normal, we expect the stripers to stay around the river as long as the bait does, which is late this year.  Spawning is triggered by water temps and the spawn was late too.  Don’t be surprised if there are still keeper stripers coming out of the CT River near Hartford into late June this year.

Tiger trout are in good supply in the Salmon river this past week,

with several confirmed catches.  The Farmy is fishing very well with a lot of Bows and Browns being taken in the west branch and sections near Collinsville.  All in all, the trout fishing all spring was well worth the effort for anglers, as the DEEP has done a real good job with stocking schedule this spring.


Billy S and pals landed this rare Mirror Carp last week North of Enfield. Nice specimen guys!


Pike seem to be liking the cooler temps and many aggressive fish are being landed in and around Hartford as BY-Catch to striper fishing.  Wethersfield cove has been BOILING with Herring & Alewives. The lower farmy has been packed with Shad right up to the Rainbow reservoir.

Sandworms and frozen Atlantic herring are the choice for most of our customers this wekk, heading to the river or to L.I.S.,  Porgy fishing is starting to turn on. Fluke reports have been soft with a lot more shorts than keepers.  The fish seem to be in 20-30 feet of water now rather than deeper.

No sign of blues yet but don’t worry, everything is running behind.

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CTO Fishin report for 5-24

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Central CT waters are slowly warming with a top water striper bite just starting this week north of Harford.  Slow swimmer plugs in yellow/red and Pink/white are producing exciting hits in the early morning hours on the CT and Farmington rivers. The Lower Farmington between the CT and Rainbow dam is nose-to-tail chocked full of American Shad, herring and Alewife.  This week saw the stocking of many inland waterways including the Salmon river which gave up a 2lb 1 oz Tiger Trout to Paul N of East Hartford. One lucky angler landed a Sea Run Brown this week near the Scantic river.  Brandon P continues to hammer stripers on big yellow wood surface plugs under some bridge north of Hartford, from shore in the morning wee-hours.

FW Bass are hitting the beds making for great sight fishing.  These fish are really aggressive while on beds and will hit at just about anything thrown at them, from shore or from the deck of your favorite watercraft.  The 1860 resevioir in Wethersfield holds a 6pound 8 oz LMB that was caught, weighed and released this week from shore by Tony M.

Carp Fishing is heating up as water temps finally rise to active levels. Justin S has been doing very well in the CT and Hockanum rivers, and a group of young kids with their dad  landed 6 Common Carp in an hour and a half in  lake lillinonah this week.

The Mattabessett below Cromwell continues to give up beautifully colored pike, spinner baits and X-Raps in Chartreuse and Pink Pearl.

Wethersfield Cove is still boiling with herring and the U.S. fish and wildlife service has been electroshock-harvesting for relocation to smaller streams north of CT in attempts to re-establish a healthy population.

Trout fishing has been good to excellent in the roaring brook in Glastonbury, downstream from Eastbury and above rt 17.

Hearing more WEAKFISH reports than in many years.  These soft-mouthed swimmers are targeted byu some, but many of the catches are to those hunting stripers in the sound from shore around hammonassett.

Fluke fishing is heating up as of the season opener the 17th, John D nailed a 10 lb doormat off Clinton on the opener.  Huge Squid in LIS this season.

Porgy fishing is getting off to a great start with very large hub caps coming over the rail with regularity on many boats from Niantic.  The shore bite is doing alright too for those hitting Goshen Point from Harkness State Park.

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5-10-2014 CTO fishing report

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The Ct river has finally dropped to launchable and fishable levels even though the water is still quite dirty. Wethersfield cove and the rest are LOADED with Herring. Shad numbers look excellent with many anglers limiting out on Bucks. Shad are being caught in al the usual places like the bissel bridge launch, under the tressel in East Hartford, and all the way up the Farmington almost to Rainbow dam.

Shad bellies are a great offering for both Stipers and channel cats. The mattabesset and Quinnipiac are seeing their share of shad and herring as well.

Keeper stripers are being landed from enfield to saybrook, from boats and from shore. Keeper stripers are being caught on hard baits like Gags Mambo Minnows, Bombers and Badonka-donks. Soft baits that are producing are lead by trolling the tube and worm, downstream direction and really slow, but casting Zoom Super flukes 7” in pearl, and swimshads like Tsunami and storm wildeyes in pearl, and chartreuse are working great too.

Pike are quite aggressive this week, almost like they usually are in March. Spring is quite late. White Perch have been available for a while now to those who found access to the water.

Spring is effecting the Maine Sandworm harvest too, with diggers fighting bad tides and really unseasonably cold temps. It’s the coldest spring in Maine that people can remember, so the sandworms are in short supply. Get them while you can. Next few weeks we expect the supply to loosen up a bit, but for now stock will be quite tight.

The Jeremy river got a full stocking of browns this past week.

We are hearing that Black Pond in Meriden has been stingy in giving up those HUGE Breeders they put in, but the catfish are really growing well with many of those fish in the 3 ½ lb range now, which is great for the table.

Carp fishing in Batterson Park Pond was very slow last week, as the water temps from the bottom read only 50 degrees, and the fish were sluggish and few were chewing.

Smallies have been hard to come by for some on Candie, with the jerkbait bite being tough. Float and fly anglers seeming to score more regularly.

Farmington River Trout fishing has been very challenging due to release of water from the reservoir, with flows high enough to make angling tough. But that said, the fish that do come out of the farmy are quality Browns and Bows, with fish we’ve seen in the shop topping 5 pounds. ¼ oz Phoebes, Yellow Coach Dog rooster tails, and little Cleo in nickel blue pattern are sure winners.

Marine side has been quiet with barely any of our customers even trying for Spring Togs. Winter flounder was a success for some in the upper sections of the Niantic bay and in Jordan Cove, with sandworms and bloodworms catching. Seven days till Fluke opens in CT, and that always gets a crowd out on the water, but with spring so late, I expect many boaters are behind in marine prep! Remember, don’t just sit there, GET OUT!

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CTO Fishin report for 4-25-2014

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CT Outfitters reports that The CT river has finally receded to fishable , launch able levels (below 10 ft at the Hartford Gauge). Stripers and Shad are both being caught from the banks of the CT, Farmington, and lower sections of the Salmon river. East Hartford Launch Anglers report landing a few keepers already. We think these are holdover fish and not fresh arrivals. Sandworms, Bloodworms and live Eels are all working in the river. A few headed out for tube trolling yesterday. Trout fishing has been great for many anglers in this first week of the season. Crystal Lake in Ellington giving up some nice fish trolling shiny spoons slow. Black Pond in Meriden is fishing very well in the shallows near the ramp and in the deep end from the rock slide area. Live Arkansas shiners on a slip float helped Ron A from Wallingford catch a limit Thursday from his kayak in Black pond. Night time striper bite in the lower Housatonic is reported as very strong with Daiwa Salt Pro minnows and Bombers being the best bet in Blurple and black. CT River Smallies heating up with Punisher jigs 3/8 oz in Camo and Green Pumpkin working best. Pike fishing has been a little quiet this spring (maybe the winter hurt the stock?) Young John S from Wethersfield landed a very healthy 4.5 lb largie in Bell Pond on a 5” Green Pumpkin Senko, wacky. Spring Street Pond in Wethersfield was stocked a week ago for a kids derby and is still fishing well for Rainbow trout and brown bullheads. Glastonbury’s Roaring Brook has been a great place for chasing stockies with Giant Super OREO Mealworms reports Jim M. Not many people targeting Blackfish this spring.

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CTO Fishin’ Report for 4-11-2014

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SHAD reported in the CT & Farmington river this week.   27 & 28″ Stipers landed from the launch in East Hartford. White Perch in Hamburg Cove, and a few herring sightings near Portland.  Things are getting started, sandworms, herring & Bloodworms in stock now!

Shore anglers are targeting Winter Flounder, which opened April 1st.  Chumming methods, sandworms on Beaded Charlestown hooks are filling limits around Jordan Cove and the Niantic river bay! Get out there today…


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This week from CTO:

Hearing of White Perch bite in Hamburg Cove

Herring of some sort in the Niantic River

LMB  catches on first ice-out trips, bite is deep, low and very slow crawl with jigs or live bait on the bottom. Brandon P landed a 22” this week.

Carp fishing starting to pick up in the shallows as water warms in what little sun we are getting, but the fish seem hungry.

Fish kills evidence showing up around the state

River levels not supporting launching this week around Hartford

Shore Fishermen landing Pike in Cromwell, Cromwell Point, and Mattabessette in Cromwell/Middletown line.

Roxanne D Got a 12” Trout to hit a 7” Bomber (!) in rainbow Resevior and she also did well at Stony Brook for C&R Trout.

Hockanum River also a good trout bite I hear.

No Shad yet…

Schoolie Stripers are plentiful for those who have braved the high water along the river in places.

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The parking situation!

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IMG_20140208_074820_391 IMG_20140208_074823_385 IMG_20140208_074827_755There is plenty of room this morning at 7:50 for parking @ W.C. Someone even plowed a bit!

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January 22, 2014

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This week we see the return of Arctic Cold to the region.  Ice conditions will be improving steadily around central CT. We expect this to be a terrific weekend of ice fishing all around.

As of today, Reporting in for ice conditions are:
Wethersfield Cove at 5-6″ on the main ice, and 2.5 inch edges to cross.

Coventry 41/2 -5

Tyler 5-6″

Mt Tom 4-5″

Mansfield Hollow 5-6″

Bigelow Hollow 4-6″


We have some great fish entered into the tourney, and there’s still time to get yourself entered, just 15$ for the entire season!

Be safe, walk on water, stay dry, & have a plan.

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IMG_20140106_123728_236Well, Happy New year everyone.

This past week held a ton of Ice opportunities. Today, It was almost 50 degrees this morning, but dropping to 11-17 tonite.

We’ll check Ice conditions in the morning and see how well what Ice we have has held up.

The weekend saw a very slow bite at Both Black Pond and Wethersfield cove.  We took in a beautiful rainbow 18.75″ & 2 1/2 pounds, for the tourney on Sunday afternoon that came out of East twin.

Also entered into the tourney was a 22″ 6 1/2 lb Largie that came out of Coventry.

Our guys were on Wethersfield Cove late last night and the ice was still very fishable at 4-6″.


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