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CTO Fishin’ Report for 4-11-2014

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SHAD reported in the CT & Farmington river this week.   27 & 28″ Stipers landed from the launch in East Hartford. White Perch in Hamburg Cove, and a few herring sightings near Portland.  Things are getting started, sandworms, herring & Bloodworms in stock now!

Shore anglers are targeting Winter Flounder, which opened April 1st.  Chumming methods, sandworms on Beaded Charlestown hooks are filling limits around Jordan Cove and the Niantic river bay! Get out there today…


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This week from CTO:

Hearing of White Perch bite in Hamburg Cove

Herring of some sort in the Niantic River

LMB  catches on first ice-out trips, bite is deep, low and very slow crawl with jigs or live bait on the bottom. Brandon P landed a 22” this week.

Carp fishing starting to pick up in the shallows as water warms in what little sun we are getting, but the fish seem hungry.

Fish kills evidence showing up around the state

River levels not supporting launching this week around Hartford

Shore Fishermen landing Pike in Cromwell, Cromwell Point, and Mattabessette in Cromwell/Middletown line.

Roxanne D Got a 12” Trout to hit a 7” Bomber (!) in rainbow Resevior and she also did well at Stony Brook for C&R Trout.

Hockanum River also a good trout bite I hear.

No Shad yet…

Schoolie Stripers are plentiful for those who have braved the high water along the river in places.

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The parking situation!

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IMG_20140208_074820_391 IMG_20140208_074823_385 IMG_20140208_074827_755There is plenty of room this morning at 7:50 for parking @ W.C. Someone even plowed a bit!

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January 22, 2014

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This week we see the return of Arctic Cold to the region.  Ice conditions will be improving steadily around central CT. We expect this to be a terrific weekend of ice fishing all around.

As of today, Reporting in for ice conditions are:
Wethersfield Cove at 5-6″ on the main ice, and 2.5 inch edges to cross.

Coventry 41/2 -5

Tyler 5-6″

Mt Tom 4-5″

Mansfield Hollow 5-6″

Bigelow Hollow 4-6″


We have some great fish entered into the tourney, and there’s still time to get yourself entered, just 15$ for the entire season!

Be safe, walk on water, stay dry, & have a plan.

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IMG_20140106_123728_236Well, Happy New year everyone.

This past week held a ton of Ice opportunities. Today, It was almost 50 degrees this morning, but dropping to 11-17 tonite.

We’ll check Ice conditions in the morning and see how well what Ice we have has held up.

The weekend saw a very slow bite at Both Black Pond and Wethersfield cove.  We took in a beautiful rainbow 18.75″ & 2 1/2 pounds, for the tourney on Sunday afternoon that came out of East twin.

Also entered into the tourney was a 22″ 6 1/2 lb Largie that came out of Coventry.

Our guys were on Wethersfield Cove late last night and the ice was still very fishable at 4-6″.


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Well, the thaw we were expecting made a lot of open water where we were just getting to fishable ice.

Wethersfield cove has 50% open water and just an inch or two around the edges.

I was texted a photo of dave from New Britain who landed a small release-worthy Pike from the south bay of Bantam. He also showed an image of 3″ black ice.  I still don’t know how to get images out of my phone from texts…..Anyway ,He reported that the north side had only an inch and a half.

Bryan M and company were out on Dog Pond in Goshen on 4-5″ of black Ice.

And Tony from Farmington went out to a TMA on the Farmington river for some C&R Trout action.

Everyone’s calling for Ice reports and I think many guys and gals will be out there tomorrow based upon the Bait sales tonight!

We did get moussies, we also have spike in bulk (250 or 1000) and waxies came in finally too.

The longer term forcast shows an arctic blast that should last through March, God Willing!

More to come as reports filter in to CTO. Stay Dry and Stay Safe my friends!

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CTO Fishin Report for Friday, December 20, 2013


We were blessed with fishable ice before Christmas, which is always a good thing!

The unfortunate reality is that a lot of places that set early might just lose a lot of ice with the warm weekend predicted.

During this week of 12-13-12-20 we received ice reports as follows:

Congamond North 3”

Wood Creek 4”

Mashapaug 2 ½”

South cove Bantam 4”

Dog Pond 4-5”

Wethersfield Cove 1-5”

Coventry 3-5”


Reports of Big Pike out of Bantam and one of the Marinas on the CT river that froze.

Plenty of panfish reports as the shallower spots freeze first, some Crappie out of a small private spot in Wethersfield.


We have a lot of guys loading up with bait today (Friday) and hitting it tomorrow. I think that everyone needs to be extremely cautious. Things could get very sketchy very quickly.


Be Safe, Have a Plan, Stay Dry!

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There are still several open water fishing opportunities for the anglers willing to put in the effort, while most are packing it in for the year or getting ready for the “Hard Water” season, others are braving the cold and still catching fish both fresh and salt.

Trout and Salmon:

A young angler caught a 17# trout at West Hill Pond, using corn as bait, this is one of the many recently relased Trophy Trout that were stocked by the Deep in the last few weeks!

Best reports for River and Stream fishing are still coming from the Farmington river, the recent rain should help the fishing in the rivers and streams that were depleted.

Lakes and Ponds Trout:

Trout are active in the shallows now and can be caught on a variety of baits and lures!Fair to  Good reports from Candlewood, Amos Lake, East Twin, West Hill Pond, Beach Pond, Uncas Pond, Mohegan Park Pond.

Atlantic Salmon: Fishing is fair to good, on the Shetucket and Naugatuck River, with more verified reports of released Atlantics in the last week.

Fly Fishing with streamers or spin fishing with single hook lures are the best methods.

On the Connecticut River

The Pike and Crappie fishing is red hot despite the ice cold temps, Pike are being caught in the main river, coves and marinas, many verified reports in the last week. Large Live bait or slowly fished lures are the best methods, we have Pike bait in stock! Glastonbury, Keeney Cove, and Wethersfield Cove all giving up trophy pike right now.

Black Crappie Fishing: Very good in the coves of the river! Stop in the shop for info and the best live bait around, Wethersfield cove is a hot spot for Calico Bass with fish over 2#’s very possible.

Yellow Perch: Yellow Perch are moving into the shallow water and fishing was good at Keeny cove before the big rain. Jigs and small shiners or worms will catch Yellow Perch this time of year.

Largemouth Bass: Haven’t had many reports in the last week

Smallmouth Bass: Smb’s have really turned on at Candlewood Lake, recent catches of smallies to 5 #’s have been verified, also good amounts of Smallies once you find them, Plastic swim baits are one of the best choices to have in your box right now.

Walleye: More reports of Walleyes lately, now is a good time to hit up your favorite Walleye Lake with some CTO live bait. Some verified reports from Sqantz Pond have come to the shop in the last week.

Stripers: Schoolies in the Housy, Thames and CT. Rivers right now! Good action around the Casino for boaters on the Thames river also small bass around Fort Trumble on the Thames, The Housy is hosting large numbers of small stripers as they stage for the winter, The CT. River has had action around the mouth and all the way up to the Hartford area with most likely our “resident” striper population.

Marine: Some Blues showing up at Millstone now and then, with some small school stripers mixed in, we have not had many other reports in the last week.

Blackfishing: Some say it’s good some say it’s over, still worth a shot in the deeper 30-40 ft spots, we have rigs, jigs and crabs in stock.  Cod and Pollok trips are starting to heat up.


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CTO’s November 15th Fishin Report

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Reports in general are way down, which is typical this time of year but the wind and weather we have been experiencing has even kept some of the die-hards from hitting the water.

The good news is this weekend is expected to be much warmer with milder winds!

photoCheck Out This Monster that Sean P from West Hartford landed at spicebush pond! Sean is a serious young angler to be reckoned with!

Largemouth Bass: The Hitman and Fi-Shawn hit lake Terramungus in Marlbourgh hoping for some smallmouth action but found lot’s of smaller but active LMB’s hitting Crawdad color crank baits in 5-15 ft of water. Surface temp was 51.6.

LMB’s will school up this time of year and can be a challange to locate but they are still very catchable for those willing. Paul W. fished from the Causeway at Moodus Resivior and scored 6 bass on an inline spinner.

Smallmouth Bass: No verified reports this week but smallies remain active in the cold weather and are good choice for bass fisherman this time of year.

Catfish: Channel cats are still active and hitting bait on the Ct River and also lakes and ponds, Kyle and Moose hit a lake they fish at night from shore every November and score nice size channel cats to 10 lbs. They caught 4 Channels around 5-6 lbs.

Pike: Pike fishing on the Connecticut River is rated as Red Hot right now, From Wethersfield to Haddam, in and around the coves, using spinnerbaits or swimming lures with a slow retrieve and a stop and go action, most reports right now are coming from Pike anglers taking advantage of the Prime Pike fishing season! Pike can be caught from shore or boat and are found shallow in coves and back waters this time of year! Stop in the shop for expert advise and locations

Black Crappies: Crappies are schooling up in the coves and providing Hot Action! Use small jigs tipped with a plastic offering or a CTO live shiner, for some of the best Crappie fishing in the state! Stop in the shop and get everything you need to experience this awesome fishery.

Trout and Salmon: The best trout fishing is on the Farmington River right now, most rivers and streams are down to a trickle. The Shetucket River has plenty of water, which is regulated by dams, trout, smb’s and Atlantic Salmon are all catchable right now on the Shetucket, make sure to check the rules regarding Atlantics before you make the trip. There were a few verified reports of Atlantic Salmon caught on the Naugatuck River.


Stripers: Still plenty around but they are on the move, still some smaller bass around the CT River mouth as the last of the Hickories vacate the river.

The Thames River has been decent for smaller bass in the last week, try around buoy 27 from land or boat, still some fish under pods of bait around the mouth of the Thames from time to time. This time of year look for birds working and you have a great chance of finding stripers below.

Blackfish: Very good fishing for Blackfish along the CT and RI coast, winds have kept alot of anglers off the water thus less pressure on Tautogs. Blackfish are in 15-35 feet of water right now, they make very slight depth changes as the water cools. This weekend should be very good for Blackfishing, we sell Blackfish Rigs, Blackfish Jigs and fresh green crabs, stop by and stock up!

Getting Ready for ice fishing? We are!! Stop in and see one of the biggest ice fishing selections in the area!

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